Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership

Tackling Obesity

Tackling Obesity:  Every Child Matters


The School Sport Partnership and individual schools are already delivering a wide range of programmes that can have a positive impact on young people’s health and well-being.
These include:
  • delivering high quality PE that ensures pupils are aware of what is required to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and provides them with the skills, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to do so.
  • raising pupils’ awareness of the need for good nutrition through other subject areas such as science, food technology and PSHE.
  • developing young people’s confidence, self-esteem and sense of well-being through leadership programmes and structures that give young people a voice.
  • delivering a wide range of sports, dance and physical activities that enable young people to take part in activity beyond the curriculum.
  • directing pupils to additional and alternative community-based opportunities to be physically active.
  • supporting the delivery of the National Healthy Schools Programme.
  • Supporting the delivery of active travel plans (e.g. through cycling).

Schools need to check that this general work is providing for all young people, including those who are already obese or overweight and those who are most at risk i.e. the least active.

  • Are young people at greatest risk identified and consulted?
  • Does existing provision really take account of their needs and specific issues?
  • Do current policies and practices hinder participation e.g. strict rules on kit?
  • Do programmes educate young people about the required balance of physical activitiy and good nutrition so that they understand its importance?
  • Does teaching make the subjects relevant to young people’s actual lives?
  • Are young people supported and enabled to make choices that affect their long-term behaviour and lifestyles?

The SSP recommends that schools may need to adjust their priorities and action plans to ensure their work really is impacting on every young person.