Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership

Literacy Competitions

The Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership run half termly Literacy Competitions to  boost literacy and engage more young people in school sport opportunities.

The focus on literacy is an area we can embrace across the School Games programme to encourage young people to share their experiences and be recognised for their written work. It also promotes cross-curricular work.

Each half term will have a new competition and a new theme. Schools can enter into every theme or pick and choose the themes to link to existing work. The competition will enable schools to compete in Level 1 and Level 2 as they would in the sports competitions.

There are four age groups for the Competitions; Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

Level 1 Literacy Competition

Individual School Based Winners – Judged by School Staff

Level 2 Literacy Competition

School Sport Partnership Based Winners – Judged by School Sport Partnership Staff

The Sainsbury’s School Games is inspiring and involving more young people than ever before in school sport and competition. To celebrate, showcase and share this positive impact there is an opportunity to win prizes for schools through the Reward & Recognition Scheme. The Literacy Competitions will link to this scheme and follow the themes.

Summary of Themes

Start Date & Deadline Theme Ideas Genres of Writing
3rd September – 26th October 2018


Intra-School Sport
(Level 1)
How to run a School Sport Competition? Instructional Text
Persuading my teacher to run a new school sport competition Persuasive Text
5th December – 21st December 2018


Health & Wellbeing


A letter to your Head Teacher explaining why PE is important for your health & wellbeing Letter
Top tips list for pupils to live a healthy active lifestyle Information Text
7th January – 15th February 2019




How I encourage a classmate who is less active than I am to take part in a new club Recount – Diary
How I helped survey less active people in school to find out what new activities they would like to try Information Text
25th February – 5th April 2019


Competition in the curriculum


Explain why competition is important? Information Text
Persuading my teacher to run competitions in other curriculum areas not just PE Persuasive Text
23rd April – 24th May 2019




What makes a good young leader? Poem
My favourite leader is … Biography
3rd June – 12th July 2019


School Games Day


My experience of our School Games Day Recount – Diary
(Your School)’s School Games Day Recount – Newspaper

Entry Process

To enter the competition, your PE Coordinator or Primary School Sport Crew should encourage pupils to create a handwritten report about the specific theme for the term.

Any school in the School Sport Partnership can host a Level 1 Intra-School Literacy Competition to determine their winning entry in each age group. This WINNING handwritten entry must then be sent to the School Sport Partnership by the specified termly deadline. Schools can enter one piece of work per age category each half term.

Once the deadline has expired, the SSP staff will judge the competition entries.

Intra School Entry:
Intra School winners will be judged by staff at your own school, assessing the content and overall presentation.  It will be at the discretion and expense of the school if they award prizes at this level.

Inter School Entry:
Prizes will be awarded for the partnership winners. Schools entering into this level of the competition will be awarded points in the primary school sport league.

The wider benefits of entering the Literacy Competitions:

There are numerous wider benefits of engaging your pupils in the Literacy Competitions, as part of cross-curricular developments at your school. This will also contribute to embedding Physical Education and School Sport across the curriculum supporting whole school improvements.

  1. Improving pupils’ writing: By providing the opportunity to write about a different topic they are passionate about, this will encourage young people to put more effort into developing their writing.
  2. Building confidence and self-esteem: Schools that have submitted blogs on have highlighted how proud their children are to have their work recognised and featured on the internet.
  3. Encouraging pupils to express themselves: Writing a report or blog will allow children to express themselves. This in turn helps them understand each other better and develop their social skills. Encouraging reflection and thought is great for learning how they can develop or improve aspects of their learning for the future.
  4. Promoting inclusion across extra-curricular opportunities: You can offer children the chance to accompany school teams to competitions as match reporters, photographers and videographers. They can then submit the match report on your behalf, to use in school assemblies and blogs. This is a great way of engaging more young people in leadership and management roles.
  5. Developing teamwork: School children can collaborate in writing their reports; they can share ideas, converse, help each other spell and problem solve.
  6. Creating engagement between young people: Often pupils don’t realise they are writing, reading and learning when they are just having fun sharing experiences. A blog or report helps your school to share with parents, the community and Governors your success stories and key milestones.
  7. The chance to win prizes: As a partnership we will offer level 2 prizes. Any blogs featured on the yourschoolgames website are automatically selected as Regional and National competition winners. This incentive will encourage young people to work harder to create a better piece of work.

 To be returned to:    Claire Tennyson, Redcar & Eston School Sport partnership, Rye Hills Schools, Redcar Lane, Redcar, TS10 2HN