Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership

About Us

About Us

The Redcar & Eston School Sport Partnership was established in 2005. Over the years the partnership has delivered many national PE and sport initiatives.

In 2011 the coalition government announced their new flagship event, the School Games and the Redcar & Eston SSP are the vehicle to deliver the games in all of the partnership schools.

The School Games consists of four levels:school-games

Level 1 – Intra School Competition (within school)

Level 2 – Inter School Competition (between schools)

Level 3 – County Wide School Games (Tees Valley)

Level 4 – National School Games

For further information on the School Games either click here or check out the specialised website

In addition to the School Games, in 2013 the partnership entered a new phase of working. The partnership now has tailored action plans with each of it’s partnership schools. Working together to improve three core areas; Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive School Sport. The partnership has been successful in maintaining its standards and staffing infrastructure even though direct government funding has ceased to exist for SSPs.